Affiliates and marketers! We are excited to attend the Affiliate World Global Conference in Dubai again this year!

What is Affiliate World Global: Dubai?

Dubai is the world’s largest Affiliate Marketing conference you’ll ever experience. More than 4,000 of the top affiliate marketers from around the globe will attend for enhanced networking opportunities and above all, key takeaways to increase profits.

 It has grown to become what Neil Patel considers “the absolutely must-attend event in the industry”.

From year to year, we strive to provide the best for our customers and partners! We are trying to expand our reach to the world level and work with those who are at the top of the scale in digital marketing. Affiliate World Global is the right opportunity to show how much we can progress and how persistent we are in our intention to be a recognizable brand in the world.

We have dedicated this year to strengthening our most important projects and certainly launching new platforms!

What will interest you the most is the Affiliate Boat Meetup! Yes! We are sponsoring two parties on board that you definitely want to attend! Take the opportunity for a pleasant business environment and an atmosphere in which every job is easier to negotiate!

Register for the boat party and enjoy the open bar, free buffet, and networking!

What are we going to talk about this time?

We are going to introduce our Monetize Ad digital marketing agency and all our platforms and projects! As you know, we are the no.1 digital marketing agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but we operate worldwide!

What can you expect from us?

We will talk about Native Advertising, benefits for Advertisers or Publishers in the industry, and CPC, presenting our existing system for web and mobile traffic monetization through various ad formats. One and only, MonadPlug! Also, you’ll be able to find more information about E-commerce and the most interesting part: the newest project for 2022, the mobile gaming industry, Monad Games, and much more!

And that’s not all…

Don’t forget MonadLead, our favorite! MonadLead is the first affiliate platform in the Balkans. Our Account Manager will be trying to find connections and affiliates around the world! There we will discuss the best offers and the most valuable payouts!

Will there be something about Facebook Advertising?

Yes! We will be open to discussing our ZeroFarm a platform for buying or renting a Facebook Ad account. If you have any problem with your account, count on us!

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